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New South Wales, Australia

Agric Business Investment Sector

Sofixing Agro Farming Investment

Sofixing Agriculture Investment creates powerful partnerships between investors and Australian agribusinesses through a range of investment and asset management services. We offer a rare combination of extensive high-value investment expertise and operational farm management experience.
Investment Philosophy
Sofixing Limited believes the greatest returns from agricultural investments are created by a respectful and regenerative approach to land management. The value of agricultural investments is preserved and enhanced by proactively protecting these assets and supporting those who use this precious resource to grow our food.

Our investment philosophy is based in five tenets:
Aligning food and finance – there is no more important investment than one that secures our food supply. Managed effectively, these investments will also generate excellent financial returns.
Regenerative agriculture – the health of the ecosystem as a whole determines the profitability and sustainability of an agribusiness. A regenerative approach sees productivity increases (in land and livestock), cost reductions and improved profitability, and significant ongoing environmental benefits.
Operational excellence – we only work with those agribusinesses that have a commitment to optimal performance and productivity, a continual focus on improvement, and a clear strategy for future success.
Market driven not production driven – agricultural sustainability lies in identifying opportunities based on what the market wants rather than what we wish to produce. This requires an integrated supply model which ensures a clear pathway to market, captures margins across the supply chain, increases prices transparency and reduces volatility, and shifts focus from producing commodities to products.
Agriculture is an intergenerational investment – successful investment in agriculture may require a long term approach; patience in creating lasting wealth and value.
Why Invest Characteristics What we do

Australia is among the world’s lowest-cost producers and largest exporters of agricultural commodities.

Key characteristics of our agriculture industry include:

  • Australian agriculture offers patient, long term investors excellent economies of scale by acquiring existing businesses and/or building a portfolio over time through acquisition and consolidation.
  • Australia has an excellent history of safe and healthy food production. As an island nation, we are well isolated from many diseases prevalent elsewhere.
  • We are a major global exporter of high quality agricultural commodities. With a small domestic economy and a large excess of production, Australian commodities have supplied global markets for many years and will continue to do so.
  • Australia is well positioned geographically to high growth Asian and Middle East markets. As their population and GDP/capita grows, so does the demand for high quality & safe food.
  • Our nation has a stable regulatory environment compared with many other countries.
  • Agricultural land in Australia on a value/hectare basis is undervalued relative to other developed countries. As a result, with the right strategy and a long term approach, investors can capture value from investing in land and productivity.
  • Australia’s agricultural industry is hungry for international investment. It is widely accepted that the development and growth of our agribusiness sector is contingent on new, external capital.
  • Non-residents can own the land.
  • We are a well-developed market developed by highly-competitive producers.

We offer a range of investment and asset management services for organisations wishing to invest in the Australian agriculture sector. Our expertise is forged from a rare combination of extensive high-value investment expertise and hands-on farm management experience.

  • We provide expertise and advice to local and international investors on the Australian agribusiness market and the specific areas of investment best suited to their portfolio.
  • We match high net worth investors with high-performing Australian agribusinesses.
  • We establish the most appropriate business model to facilitate success for both investors and agribusinesses.
  • We align expectations, deliverables and outcomes between investors and agribusinesses to ensure a longstanding, mutually beneficial alliance.
  • We provide comprehensive asset management services, working closely with agribusinesses to ensure the optimal performance of their asset and producing timely, reliable and relevant reporting to the investor.
  • We manage the corporate governance and compliance responsibilities of the investment to minimise risk and maximise potential, and ensure investors can make decisions with confidence.
  • We undertake extensive due diligence to assure investors they are fully informed.

Pioneering Investment Company in Natural Gas and Chemicals, Mining, Agro Farming and Engineering.

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