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New South Wales, Australia

Oil, Gas & Energy

Sofixing Oil & Gas/Energy Investment

Sofixing Pty Limited is strategically positioned to rapidly commercialize oil and gas reserves to offer a high return potential to our global investor partners. We utilize cutting edge technology to optimize the profitability of each asset we develop, while still staying true to our more traditional values, which stem from the belief that you must “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” These values, or core beliefs, have been instrumental in the development of our company’s culture, helping to strengthen the relationships we have with our investors, land owners, and industry leading experts.
Our Team & Core Values
Our team is comprised of motivated individuals with high, obstinate standards. We educate current and future partners on oil and gas investing, as well as devote our resources to introduce offers that can enrich the financial future of our partners. Our expertise and experience has cultivated long-term, highly-involved investor relationships. Our team looks forward to achieving goals and taking on new challenges.

Our core values are the foundation of our company. They are essential to our success and serve as a lens through which we evaluate every decision.
Transparency | We pride ourselves on being open and honest in even the most challenging of situations
Integrity | We are mindful of every word we speak, every action we take, and every decision we make
Excellence | This benchmark is a moving target, which once achieved will continue to rise to a higher standard, and thus we at ASE always strive for excellence
Exploration Innovation Our Strategy

At the heart of Sofixing, we are passionate explorers. In both the resource and energy industry, we are always looking ahead. Our exploration and service branches, thrive on the opportunity to bring the next big thing to the table.

Sofixing’s core is driven by innovation with new and exciting ideas. We are continuously innovating new projects and products to raise the bar.

Our strategy is to accumulate undervalued, high-quality unconventional upstream assets, manage those assets in a capital-disciplined fashion to demonstrate underlying value and then monetise based on the increased value of those assets on behalf of shareholders.

Our strategy in the TMS in the current macroenvironment is focused on the management of our existing production to maximise field cashflows and the maintenance of our strategic leasehold position within the TMS core to ensure retention of an inventory of Tier 1 well locations and the associated level of oil resources for future development. We are also exploring interest from potential industry partners to assist in the funding of activity necessary to demonstrate and realise on the value of the TMS assets, which might include continued development drilling in the right price environment.

By the end of 2024 the acreage position had reduced to approximately 80,000 net acres, but Sofixing has carefully renewed those leases that maintain a strategic control on targeted high grade areas and has also instigated a permitting program, in anticipation of future drilling operations, that ensures Operator status on planned development units.

The Sofixing position in the TMS core has a number of advantages that continue to make it increasingly unique and valuable in the US shale industry. It is a large, strategic operated position in a basin with proven Tier 1 oil productivity that can be realised economically at modest oil prices. Management believe it is perhaps the only remaining Tier 1 oil play that has been delineated, appraised but remains effectively undeveloped. The position, with its associated sizable reserves and resources was acquired at a low entry cost. By pursuing the above strategy, Sofixing believes it will be in the best position to achieve significant value creation for its shareholders as our foundation asset becomes more attractive to industry participants in an environment where the diminishing inventory of Tier 1 oil wells in the USA needs to be replaced.

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